About EarlyFounders

About EarlyFounders

Facilitating prosperity for all Africans

In many schools in Africa, education is characterized by the ability of a student to memorize information and pass exams. This is an anomaly that has contributed to Africa being a very poor continent.

At EarlyFounders Labs, we are not just a coding school, we want to redefine learning, entrepreneurship and creativity in Africa, contributing towards the shift in education from being focused on remembrance to being about creativity and productivity.

We have spent years putting together a new framework for learning and creativity, and we believe we can spread it’s reach and impact, and putting prosperity within the reach of every household in Africa.

Coding, Tech and Entrepreneurship are just tools for realizing this vision.

Our Vision

To inspire creativity and innovation at scale for Africa and the world

Our Mission

We teach coding and entrepreneurship skills to children aged 5-18, positioning each of them to launch their first startup as teenagers.

Our Inspiration

We believe that prosperity should be within reach of every human on the planet. We are determined to play our own part to make sure that every African family has a chance to escape poverty. We do this by democratizing the critical skills we know can enhance employability, foster entrepreneurship and create economic value.

The Problem

The Problem we exist to solve

The future of Africa is its children.

Africa is still the poorest country in the world. 23 of the 28 poorest countries in the world are in Africa.

We want to accelerate development, growth, and prosperity in Africa by channeling tech and entrepreneurial education among children, empowering them with the skills, coaching, and support to launch businesses and startups as teenagers.

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Enhancing Innovation Focused Learning

We recognize that the vision is bigger than what one organization can do, so we have created resources to empower other educators to deliver innovation-focused learning. We do this through our Coding Textbooks and STEM Education resources, including teacher training and certification courses and programs for educators.

Our Growth

The Future We See

At Earlyfounders, we initially began as ‘The STEM Academy by Daveshoope,’ a coding academy for children under the umbrella of ‘Daveshoope.’ Over time, we witnessed our students not only mastering coding but also leveraging these skills to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges. 

Recognizing this potential, we expanded our curriculum to include entrepreneurship. Today, we have empowered thousands of Africans with valuable tech and entrepreneurship skills, driving the positive change we aspire to create.

Our Impact

Stories of lives that are changing

From 12 year old girls building mobile apps to reduce hunger in Nigeria, to teenagers building mobile apps to help increase the visibility of local sports talents, we are seeing innovative ideas finding expressions every day through our efforts, and these stories keep us going.