EarlyFounders Teaching Fellowship

EarlyFounders Teaching Fellowship Program

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EarlyFounders Labs is on a mission to equip the next generation of African children with the skills they need to succeed in a dynamic and globally competitive world. We are an innovation, coding and startup school for children, teaching computer programming and entrepreneurship skills to children from the age of 5 and equipping them to launch their first startup before they turn 18.

In pursuit of our mission, we provide private coaching classes to children one-on-one online, in coding clubs and in schools where we teach them computer programming, problem-solving and entrepreneurship. Some of our students have gone on to build apps and products that are solving real problems, from the age of 12.

To enable us teach, coach and mentor more children across Nigeria, Africa and the world, we are expanding our teacher-base through the EarlyFounders Teaching Fellowship – a program that invites passionate individuals to get trained and join our team remotely, and using our curriculum, resources and platform to teach and coach students online and in schools around the country.

The first phase of the Fellowship program seeks to onboard, train and deploy at least 100 teaching fellows spread across all 36 states of Nigeria including the FCT.

These fellows would be trained and deployed to teach coding classes to children between the ages 5 and 18 online, through partner organisations and in partner schools who use our curriculum for developing innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prospective fellows do not need to be equipped with tech, coding or teaching skills. Once selected, each candidate will be required to go through our STEM Teachers Training program online and get certified to teach different levels of our curriculum. The training and certification cost will be initially covered by our organization.

Upon certification, fellows will be assigned students to teach and coach, and fellows will earn an hourly income for every student they teach. A percentage of the earned income will be deducted and used to pay back the initial training fees, upon completion of which the fellow will begin to receive their full earned income. 

It is our belief that through this fellowship program, we will not only be equipping a new generation of teachers who inspire creativity in students, but we would also be creating an opportunity for more children across the country to have an opportunity to acquire these competitive and innovative skills at an early age.