Stories of result we have Generated

Catalyzing Innovation In Nigerian Public Schools

Early Founders team trained more than 150 students drawn from six public schools in Lagos and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria.

Mfon-Abasi, 15 year old fullstack developer

Mfon is a 15 year old teenager who learnt fullstack engineering and built an ecommerce store that left everyone screaming.

Jason and Soibifaa- The Road To Ikenga

Two teenagers team up to build a software to showcase African talent in track and field.

Project "Samaritan"

The Samaritan girls, a team of high school students, have built an app to lessen the burden on the poor and reduce wastage.

Halona- Builds A Game For Her Favourite Sport

Halona, a dedicated coder and a lover of the game, builds a fantastic football game in 1week.