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What Our License Covers

Full Access to the "Pathway To Innovation"
Teach children how to innovate using our step by step curriculum designed to achieve this. Our curriculum has been tested and trusted and continues to generate results, world over.
Full Access to Training Videos for Your Licensed Level
Get premium access to our curriculum's individual modules with our engaging educational videos, designed to be child-friendly and accessible to learners worldwide.
Teachers Training Course for Your Licensed Level
Trainning lessons for teachers who will deliver your curriculum. Prepare your staff/trainners to use the curriculum and deliver results.
Early Founders Resource Bank
Gain access to our comprehensive assessment, project, and activity bank tailored to the modules you've purchased. Keep your students engaged and measure their progress effectively with our extensive resource library included with your license.
Executive Coaching on STEM Education
Get personalized executive coaching in STEM Education for your lead trainer from an expert in the field. This comprehensive training program covers modules on teacher development, student engagement, classroom management, and innovative classroom activities. Valued at $9,000 USD.
Access to Early Founders Community
Experience exclusive membership to our vibrant community, connecting you with a network of dedicated trainers, hubs, and educational institutions driven by a shared passion for STEM and fostering innovation and creativity in children.

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Join Us To Reach The World.

Ever wanted to train children to innovate and create? With our Pathway to Innovation curriculum, you’re not just teaching coding—you’re nurturing future creators and entrepreneurs. Join us on this incredible journey to empower children to think outside the box and turn their dreams into reality.

Whether you’re a passionate educator, a dedicated STEM advocate, or an institution eager to make a difference, our curriculum licensing opens doors to a world of possibilities. Together, let’s inspire the next generation of innovators and change-makers.

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What you get from Licensing

Considering our license? Here is what you are sure to get when you license with us.


With over a decade of experience, our curriculum has been rigorously tested and proven effective in diverse settings across numerous countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


Gain access to our dedicated team of professionals ready to assist you every step of the way. From implementation to ongoing support, we’re here to ensure your success with our curriculum licensing program.


Whether you’re looking to integrate it into existing programs or customize it for specific age groups or learning objectives, we offer the flexibility and options you need to deliver a tailored educational experience.