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Empower Children to create with confidence.

Become a master creator

This level teaches the important coding skills required to build usable and functional programs.

Students get to practice solving bigger problems and turning their solutions into products they can relate with. We use two development outcomes to measure progress at this level – Building games and building mobile Apps.

By the time students are completing this level, they would be very confident in their coding skills and would be able to solve problems with their tech skills. They would only now need to apply the same thinking and coding skills using the tools and technologies used in the business world.

This level also transitions students from block based programming to programming with text. It contains 40 modules which can be covered between 6 to 12 months and covers more complex programming topics.


The 24 Modules can be completed between-

Course Fee- $250

This level has been divided into 2 different tracks. Fee remains same for both tracks.

A child's confidence in their coding skills is just as important as the skill itself. They build this confidence by building.

Choose A Track

Specialization Tracks

Game Developer Track


Operators (arithmetic, string, evaluation & logical)
Truth Tables
Game Development

Entry Requirements: SuperStart Certificate or equivalent
Duration: 3-6 months (at personalized speed)

Mobile Developer Track

Visual storytelling
App Prototyping
Introduction to databases
Project Planning
Interface design
Complex logic and algorithms
Mobile Development
Block to Text programming
App deployment & sharing

Entry Requirements: GameDeveloper Track
Duration: 3-6 months (at personalized speed)

Course Info

Game Developer Track

This track teaches advanced coding skills using
the ability to create original computer games as
the learning outcome. At the end, each student
will have a stack of their own personal games.

Mobile Developer Track

This track teaches students to use existing coding skills
to build mobile apps and helps them transition from
coding with blocks to using text to code.


Here is what your child will have access to when they register for the starters course at Early Founders to ensure they build a foundation as INNOVATORS.

Full access to the entire course in animated exciting videos that are child friendly, simple to use. easy to understand.

Your kids have access to business learning resources for kids from all over the world. 

Learning is fun TOGETHER. Your child will be a part of a community with his peers learning from all over the WORLD.

Soft copies of all workbooks and project sheets. Your child won’t miss unplugged activities.

Learning is much more fun with a dedicated coach for your child. This way, your child can get the best MENTORSHIP.

Every child gets a “Super coder” badge and certificate when they pass the completion exam and build a completion project.

We build confidence in our young coders by making them "do more" and "learn more".

Before you can innovate, you need thinking skills and be familiar with problem-solving and innovative thinking. Laying this foundation is the objective of the SuperStart Module.

This could be your child.

We have many amazing stories. We want your child to be one of them. Start your child on the journey of innovation today.

Project "Samaritan"

In a remarkable display of innovation and compassion, four high school girls have developed a groundbreaking application known as the Samaritan …

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