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Unleash their full techpotential

Coding for the real world

This level has a foundational module and then splits into specializations. 

At the end of the Pro level, students can either independently or collaboratively build full-scale data-driven websites and applications and have skills ready to be applied to real-world problems. 

There’s an option for internship placements after the Pro Level and students can choose to take multiple specializations.


Varies depending on course specialization.

Course Fee

Varies depending on course specialization.

A pro is one who can boast of being employable or who can be said to posess the skill for tech ENTREPRENEURSHIP.

Choose A Pro Track

Specialization Tracks

The Web Developer and Python Modules are required while the
Data and Product Modules can be taken as electives.

Web Developer Module- $300

Course Module
JavaScript Fundamentals
Bootstrap Framework
Web Hosting & Cloud Technologies
NoCode & AI-driven web development tools

Prerequisites: Should have completed earlier levels or pass assessment to prove proficiency in required skills
Duration: 3-6 months (at personalized speed)

Python Programmer Module- $500

Course Module
Python Programming
Django Framework
Version Control with Git
Introduction to Python Libraries

Prerequisites: Completion of Web Developer Module in the Pro Level
Duration: 4-9 months (at personalized speed)

Data Module - $250

Course Module
Data Analytics with Python
Data Visualization with Python

Prerequisites: Completion of Web Developer Module in the Pro Level
Duration: 3-6 months (at personalized speed)

Product Module- $250

Course Module

UI/UX Design
Design Skills
Product and Project Management.

Prerequisites: Completion of Web Developer Module in the Pro Level
Duration: 3-6 months (at personalized speed)

Course Modules

Web Developer Module

At the end of this module, every student will be able to
create uniquely beautiful websites and host them online

Python Programmer Module

Learn to code in Python, build APIs using a framework and use
Python Libraries for advanced problem solving.

Data Module

This track prepares students to understand the world of Data science,
create databases for complex projects and generate insight from
large data sets

Product Module

This module goes beyond coding to managing the lifecycle of
software projects and products and working with real app users.


Here is what your child will have access to when they register for the starters course at Early Founders to ensure they build a foundation as INNOVATORS.

Full access to the entire course in animated exciting videos that are child friendly, simple to use. easy to understand.

Children love games. We have integrated to this course to enforce coding concepts. 

Learning is fun TOGETHER. Your child will be a part of a community with his peers learning from all over the WORLD.

Soft copies of all workbooks and project sheets. Your child won’t miss unplugged activities.

Learning is much more fun with a dedicated coach for your child. This way, your child can get the best MENTORSHIP.

Every child gets a “Super coder” badge and certificate when they pass the completion exam and build a completion project.

Your child can be ready for real-world jobs here.

This could be your child.

We have many amazing stories. We want your child to be one of them. Start your child on the journey of innovation today.