Early Founders SuperStart


The solid foundation for a lifetime of innovation

The goal of this level is to help students develop a solid foundation for a lifetime of innovation.

This level contains about 24 learning modules. By the time a child is graduating from this level, they will have learned analytical thinking, computational thinking and become very comfortable with the problem solving process.

They would be able to manipulate simple computer challenges, solve semi-complex coding puzzles, and apply critical thinking to solve problems even when they have never seen the problems before.

This module recognizes that before someone can innovate with coding, they should be familiar with problem solving and innovative thinking. This module seeks to address that while laying the foundations for coding.


The 24 Modules can be completed between-

Course Fee- $300

The course fee includes the cost and subscription to required tools and resources

Before you can innovate, you need thinking skills and be familiar with problem-solving and innovative thinking. Laying this foundation is the objective of the SuperStart Module.

Course Modules

--The Amazing World Of Computers

--Programs Fundamentals



--Bugs & Debugging

--Pathway Ninjas

--Binary Coding

--Encryption &

--Computational Thinking





--Coding with Scratch     


--Digital Citizenship Courses


Here is what your child will have access to when they register for the starters course at Early Founders to ensure they build a foundation as INNOVATORS.

Full access to the entire course in animated exciting videos that are child friendly, simple to use. easy to understand.

Children love games. We have integrated to this course to enforce coding concepts. 

Learning is fun TOGETHER. Your child will be a part of a community with his peers learning from all over the WORLD.

Soft copies of all workbooks and project sheets. Your child won’t miss unplugged activities.

Learning is much more fun with a dedicated coach for your child. This way, your child can get the best MENTORSHIP.

Every child gets a “Super coder” badge and certificate when they pass the completion exam and build a completion project.

We start strong to produce innovative children in the future.

This could be your child.

We have many amazing stories. We want your child to be one of them. Start your child on the journey of innovation today.