Halona Hensley

Meet Hallona, a young explorer of the digital world who embarked on her exciting coding journey at just 8 years old, thanks to our holiday coding classes. Starting with absolutely zero coding knowledge, she initially felt a bit unsure. But what sets Hallona apart is her incredible willingness to learn and try new things.

In no time, she not only settled in but also formed strong bonds with her classmates. Her teamwork skills and infectious positivity always brightened up the classroom.

As a devoted football fan, Hallona always dreamt of creating a football-themed game. With the knowledge she acquired, which includes the use of motion to move characters from one end of the screen to another, the use of sound blocks to add sounds to the game, making it more realistic, and the guidance of her tutors, she turned that dream into reality.
Guess what? Your child can do it too! Just like Hallona, they can turn their dreams into tech-powered creations. Start their journey today at earlyfounders.co and watch them bring their dreams to life through technology.

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