In the dynamic world of software engineering and development, innovation knows no bounds. Meet Jason and Soibifaa, two visionary minds with a shared passion for technology and a dream to revolutionize African sports through Ikenga, their groundbreaking social network.

Jason, an aspiring footballer, saw injustices in African sports and decided to create Ikenga, a platform that would level the playing field for talented athletes. Soibifaa, his learning partner with expertise in product design and management, shared this dream.

Together, they embarked on a journey to develop a unique social network platform, a haven for African sporting talent.

With a clear vision in mind, Jason and Soibifaa began creating Ikenga, a social network designed to empower African athletes. It offers a free space for scouts to discover talent and provides athletes a platform to showcase their skills.

Their journey isn’t without challenges, but their commitment, combined with their learnings from the Early Founders Team has kept them moving forward.

Ikenga has begun to take shape, and we believe it will impact the african teen community. Young talents found a platform to shine, and scouts had a hub to discover untapped potential. 

The Ongoing Journey

Jason and Soibifaa’s journey is a testament to collaboration and innovation. They continue to develop Ikenga, which promises to open doors of opportunity for countless aspiring athletes across Africa.

This dynamic duo, along with Ikenga, is pioneering change in African sports, and their ongoing journey is set to shape a brighter future for talented athletes throughout the continent and beyond.

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