Early Founders Startup Bootcamp

Turning "childish" dreams into thriving businesses.

Turn ideas and problems into businesses

The StartUp Bootcamp is designed to help students identify local and global problems, apply design-thinking to create multiple solution options, check for the feasibility of each solution, create a business model around the solution, build the technology needed to power their business ideas, build a prototype or MVP, do a market research and create a launch plan, ready to bootstrap.

At the end of the StartUp bootcamp, every student would be leading a new team starting a new business or social enterprise, or would have identified a team to partner with as a co-founder. Every student ends the bootcamp a founder or co-founder ready to take on a real problem in the world.


The course is designed to last a period of 6 MONTHS

Course Fee- $700

The course fee includes the cost and subscription to required tools and resources

Students who already have coding skills should be prepared to turn their ideas and problems into businesses, social enterprises or non-profits

Course Modules

-Design Thinking
-Analysis of Global Problems
-Refining Business Ideas
-Market Research
-Business Model Canvas
-Prototyping, MVPs &
-Business setup
-Communication Skills
-Finance Skills
-Pitching Skills
-Collaboration & Teamwork
-Product Launches


Here is what your child will have access to when they register for the starters course at Early Founders to ensure they build a foundation as INNOVATORS.

Full access to the entire course in animated exciting videos that are child friendly, simple to use. easy to understand.

Your kids have access to business learning resources for kids from all over the world. 

Learning is fun TOGETHER. Your child will be a part of a community with his peers learning from all over the WORLD.

Soft copies of all workbooks and project sheets. Your child won’t miss unplugged activities.

Learning is much more fun with a dedicated coach for your child. This way, your child can get the best MENTORSHIP.

Every child gets a “Super coder” badge and certificate when they pass the completion exam and build a completion project.

We learn skills to make a DIFFERENCE

This could be your child.

We have many amazing stories. We want your child to be one of them. Start your child on the journey of innovation today.