Mfon is a student of SS1. He already had some coding skills and so joined the Pro Level at the last bootcamp where he learned to code in Python, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
What makes Mfon’s story remarkable is his decision to specialize in front-end development. While his peers were engrossed in backend projects using Python, Mfon chose a different path. Drawing inspiration from his twin passions – football and fashion – he embarked on a creative endeavor. He meticulously designed an online store that showcased Nike products and football jerseys, and even replicated Facebook’s interface.

Except for the fact that he had to go back to school and couldn’t work from school, Mfon had a job offer on the spot due to how impressive his coding skills were.
With such skills, the young lad would never be unemployed in his life. What we want to help him do is to take it further from just being a coder who can get a job but to using his coding skills to solve problems and launch a startup before he graduates high school.

At the EarlyFounders Lab, we believe that every child has the potential to follow in Mfon’s footsteps. It’s not just about becoming a skilled coder who can land a job; it’s about harnessing the power of coding to effect change and innovation. The goal is to empower young minds to embark on entrepreneurial journeys and create solutions that address pressing issues in our society.

Imagine your child, too, having the opportunity to launch their own startup before their sixteenth birthday. The possibilities are limitless. EarlyFounders is here to nurture that potential, providing the guidance and resources necessary for young innovators to turn their dreams into reality.Join us at and embark on a journey where your child can not only acquire essential coding skills but also learn how to channel them into building a brighter, more innovative future.